The Garden

This is just a quick tour around the garden, with pictures of plants we like and which seem to do well in our part of Devon. We think these pictures of the Garden rather set the scene for the Greenhouse. You will note that we have included some pictures around the outside of the Greenhouse.

The first part features the Vegetable Garden and the second the Rest of the Garden. Most of pictures in both these sections are not named as they are all well known. You will note some great images of Echium Candicans the national flower of Madeira and the one into which a rather cheeky Echium Wildprettii has made its way!

When looking at the pictures, you can view either the Vegetable Garden or the Rest of the Garden by left clicking on the tabs below. You can see the photos at maximum size by clicking on the first picture, which opens up a slide show for that Section. You can then move from photo to photo using the arrows below each picture; the white cross on the top right of the each picture takes you back to normal viewing.

The Vegetable Garden

The Rest Of The Garden