We have both been interested in gardens and flowers for a long time and we thought it might be fun to put together a record of what we have been growing over the last 25 years. The main area of interest is the Greenhouse; it is unusual and is located in the Vegetable Garden. It therefore seemed logical to put in a few pictures of the flowers in the Garden and then go into more detail with regard to the Greenhouse and its contents. Thus most of the plants in the Garden are a modest collection of what you might expect to see in the South West.

The Garden pages divide into the Vegetable Garden and the Rest of the Garden, each with their separate selection of photographs. The Greenhouse page, after some details about its history, is divided into Sections containing pictures of flowers from different parts of the world: it also has a link to the Plants page which lists the flowers in it.

We would suggest that you first look at the Garden pages, which has two Sections, the Vegetable Garden and the Rest of the Garden. It does set the scene for the Greenhouse as some flowers, such as a rather lovely red Passion Flower, are dragged out into the Garden for the summer.

Viewing the Photographs

When looking at the pictures you can view them at maximum size by clicking on the picture which opens up a slide show for that Section. You can move from page to page using the arrows underneath each picture; the white cross on the top right of the each picture takes you back to normal viewing.

As is very obvious, we are simply enthusiastic amateurs, we have picked up a certain amount of knowledge over the years, and would welcome any suggestions for additions to our Greenhouse collection, or indeed any criticisms of our plant management or corrections to the names and comments in our Plants List.

Between May and August we sometimes open the Garden for the Red Cross. In the unlikely event that anyone is particularly interested in some Greenhouse plant do please contact us and we will be delighted to see you; we may ask for a small donation to the Red Cross or some other charity. Do not expect to see all the flowers that feature in the pictures or on the Plant List; some, depending when you come, may already have flowered, not flowered yet, been sacked for not flowering or died!

We hope you will enjoy seeing some of the pictures; I repeat that neither Priscilla nor I are serious or proper gardeners, just enthusiastic planters!

We can be contacted on flowers@stbrannocks.com

Jeremy and Priscilla Smith-Bingham