Writing Sample for Law School Application

Unless an employer specifically requests a formal transcript, you can provide an unofficial transcript. On the back of an official YLS transcript is an explanation of the law school`s unique grading system; So, if you are sending an unofficial version, you may want to obtain a photocopy of the statement of rating from the registrar. Applications for both types must be made online. There is usually a processing time of 24 to 48 hours. Unofficial transcripts may be photocopied; Official transcripts cannot be copied and only 10 can be requested at a time. In short, stick to 2 pages with double spaced and only go below or above if you absolutely have to and if the school you are applying to allows it. You want to keep things as broadly applicable as possible when writing your personal statement, which means you don`t want to write a 4-page letter for the only school that allows it, and then have to rewrite it meaningfully for your other schools. Stick to 2 sides. Finally, many law schools don`t offer hyper-specific prompts, but rather give you general topics to follow.

For example, the University of Washington School of Law offers a range of topics, including “Describe a personal challenge you faced” or “Describe your passions and involvement in a project or pursuit, and how this contributed to your personal growth and goals.” These themes may seem specific at first, but when you start conceiving, you`ll likely find that you have dozens of memories to choose from and many ways to describe their impact. As the design progresses, try to explore as many of these options as possible and choose the best or most impactful options for your final design. In addition to your resume, representative business sheet and JD** transcript, as a lateral litigation candidate, you must attach a written sample to your application documents. Candidates often ask me for advice on what kind of writing I should use. At some point in the recruitment process, employers will likely ask for your YLS transcript. Employers ask for transcripts to display both your grades and your course selection. First-year students who are asked to provide a transcript must explain to employers that grades are unlikely to be available until the end of January and that, according to the law school`s first-semester grading policy, your transcript will only show credits or fail each course. You can offer to send your transcript when grades are available, or send an undergraduate transcript immediately if it would be helpful. Although the law school`s personal statement is not limited to following the instructions of the essay, you should always consider basic formatting and length restrictions. Most law schools require a 2-page personal statement, but the length can range from 2 to 4 pages. Georgetown, for example, recommends a 2-page personal statement, but specifically states that there is no official minimum or maximum. In general, length does not make a personal statement any better.

Long, meandering sentences and tedious descriptions will only detract from the impact of your ideas, especially considering the number of thousands of pages admissions committees have to sift through each year. A cover page is useful to give all the basic information needed about your writing sample. For example, if you are using a writing project that has been prepared for the class, include the name of the class and a brief description of the task. If you are using a document created for a former employer, declare that you have obtained permission from the employer and made the necessary changes. At the beginning of my mentorship, I realized that I had to be different “in the world” if I really wanted to consider a legal career. With Mark`s help and the support of my high school teachers, I learned to advocate for myself and explore possibilities that would expand my worldview as well as my academic skills. I joined a Model United Nations club at a nearby secondary school because my own school didn`t have enough interest in students to have a club. As I discussed global issues and wrote decisions, I began to feel powerful and confident, with my ability to gather evidence and make meaningful decisions about real global issues.

As I developed my leadership, writing and speaking skills, I noticed that a rift was growing with some of my friends. I wanted them to start thinking about bigger systemic issues outside of our immediate experience, as I learned, and build trust in new ways. I asked my school to run a Model UN and recruited enough students to populate the club. My friends didn`t join the club as I had hoped, but before I graduated, we had 2 successful years with the students who joined us. I began to understand that I cannot force change based on my own mandate, but that I must listen carefully to the needs and desires of others in order to support them as they need to. Of course, but this duration varies from school to school. As with all important details of your law school application, you should thoroughly research the requirements and policies of your specific schools before writing and amending your personal statement to ensure it meets their specifics.