Ohio Switchblade Knife Laws

2. It clarifies Ohio`s vague and confusing law on carrying ANY knife by defining a knife, razor or sharp instrument as a “deadly weapon” or “weapon” ONLY when used as a weapon. This would make it possible to carry any hidden knife under state law. Under current regulations, Ohio`s knife laws prohibit the transfer of switch blades, gravimeters, spring-loaded blades, and similar knives. The exceptions to this law are the handing over of the knife to a law enforcement officer. Knife laws are still very vague, especially in Buckeye State. However, if a blade is 4 inches or less, it is generally not classified as a weapon. This makes it legal for anyone, even a minor. For example, it is legal for a minor to carry and use a simple pocket knife. The open carrying of lethal weapons is also protected by Ohio`s knife law.

The same applies to the open port of certain blades. Section 2923.20 Illegal Arms Transactions which, among other things, made it illegal to manufacture, sell or supply “switched blade knives”, “jumping blade knives” or “gravity knives” was deleted effective April 12, 2021. This definition of concealment does not require the knife to be completely hidden, which leads to the problem of transporting the bags. Many types of knives include a pocket clip that allows the wearer to attach the knife to the top of a pocket for easy access. Even if the clip appears outside someone`s pocket, that person may have problems with their hands. Keep in mind that you can face civil lawsuits if you use your knife inappropriately. In these cases, the type of knife you carry and how you carry it could become factors that affect your guilt or innocence. Yes, they can carry a knife under this law in Ohio. There are no restrictions on concealing the carrying of a particular knife. However, there is an exception in the act, and that is for what is called “dangerous ammunition.” These include ballistic knives.

Due to the law on concealed carrying, it is illegal to conceal the carrying of a lethal weapon. To convict an accused of carrying a concealed lethal weapon, the state must prove that it is designed to be used as a weapon or that additions have been made and that it has the capacity to cause death. Some knives that are illegal to hide include: In this context, almost anything can be called a “deadly weapon” under Ohio state law, though the city`s decisions take into account its application and intent. Secret port laws are heavily conditioned. Current Ohio law allows legal possession of gravity switch blades and knives, Balisong (butterfly) knives and Balisong trainers, ballistic knives, dirks, daggers, Bowie knives, stiletto heels and other stabbed knives. Ohio`s knife law contains few restrictions on the types of knives a person can own. Ohio has some of the most vague and confusing knife laws in the country. When I teach a knife class, I usually have to take more than 30 minutes to explain the intricacies of legal requirements in the state. Despite all these explanations, I still cannot guarantee that my students will get out of prison. As it is currently written, it is illegal to transport any object that could cause serious physical harm or death hidden in Ohio. Ohio`s deadly gun laws lack clear language and proper definitions.

This article serves as a forum to gain knowledge and understanding while giving more clarity to the code. Ohio`s knife laws are subject to pending changes starting January 11, 2021. On that day, Governor DeWine signed SB 140, which takes effect 90 days after it is signed. SB 140 amends sections 2923.12, 2923.18 and 2923.20 of the revised Code to exclude knives that are not used as weapons. In addition, switch blades and spring knives will no longer have ownership restrictions. Earlier this year, Ohio lawmakers lifted a statewide ban on making and selling self-opening pocket or folding knives. change the definition used to classify a knife as a lethal weapon; and gave way to the legal concealment and carrying of knives under state law. While these changes have caused some confusion, here`s what you need to know about Ohio`s current laws on concealment and carrying of knives. At Tekto, we are very happy to keep up to date with the latest laws and regulations to make sure we follow all the rules. This will allow you to choose the most suitable knife without worrying about legality. The exclusion of knives from the restrictions of section 2923.12 Carrying of concealed weapons; The affirmative defence applies only to the article and regardless of whether the knife may have been hidden or carried at the person as a weapon.

The exclusion in paragraph (H) is erroneous only when the knife is used as a weapon. I could stab you in the eye with a pointed pencil. This would likely cause “serious physical harm,” meaning that a person could theoretically be arrested for possessing a pencil hidden in my condition. That`s ridiculous. There is absolutely no difference between a deadly gun and a small pocket knife in Ohio. For more details, read my article on Ohio`s knife laws.