Can Ebay Legally Hold My Money

Also, depending on your seller status or the category you`re selling in, eBay may impose a freeze on funds transactions: when you talk to your lawyer, you should print the first two links I gave you, as they show your lawyer that Ebay is simply following its guidelines for the site. Because you or I don`t like them, it doesn`t matter. It is likely that this appointment will simply be a waste of your money. But if you think it makes you feel better, then it will be money well spent. Now we need to provide all our personal information, bank account numbers and SS just to sell something online. Thus, eBay can now take funds hostage for as long as it wants and deduct the expenses whenever it wants. They also deducted $1.00 more in shipping costs, which I also paid recently without giving a reason. All dimensions and weight were correct as usual and were even rounded. Also, technically I don`t make more than $600 on my personal account, it seems that even if I close my account, they still won`t give me my money Was it the email via eBay email or your eBay email? And who was he talking to? Was it your name or something like “Dear Seller”?`ve-sold/payments-hold?id=4816&&. It should take a day if that`s how you make money. eBay never thinks that money is “only one day”. unless that day the sun was still in the sky as in Joshua When eBay withheld your money, it notifies you via email and, depending on the reason, may ask you for additional information to fix the problem.

A seller who was subject to eBay Payments` holding regulations wrote on September 18. August on the issue on the technical issues board: Transaction locks are when eBay withholds funds related to a particular buyer transaction. Pending funds can be used to refund the same transaction to the buyer. You need to join the rest of us in the realities of money processing. Ebay uses the ACH banking system to process withdrawals. Ebay doesn`t have the power to let them open on weekends or holidays just because some of us want our money faster. It just doesn`t work that way. Ebay was ahead of schedule from the start. If you don`t like MP, you can sell elsewhere. But you`ll probably find that on any site similar to Ebay in size and buyer traffic, it`s almost the same, if not worse.

There are things you MUST learn in order to properly report your income to the IRS. Don`t assume you know this, as it could and would likely cost you money. I called eBay to ask for my money to be given to me, and I would be willing to close my account and stop doing business with them. I was told that the only two options were to upload my ID card or wait 6 months for them to send the money to the government and then send me the money. The representative could not tell me which government agency would receive my money. On eBay`s U.S. website, the longest holding of funds is 21 days. Registration applies: eBay may withhold withdrawals if it detects a discrepancy with the information you provided during registration. If your account is restricted, eBay will notify you by email asking for additional information. For more information about verifying your identity, see Register as a seller. Why don`t you pass on your misinformation to the boards of the UK or the euro rather than here in the US? Nothing you say holds water here. Life after death! While you clearly don`t agree with why Ebay holds your money, that doesn`t mean they`re doing it illegally.

It ONLY means that you don`t agree with why they hold it, nothing more. To ensure that the market remains a safe place to buy and sell and to comply with its legal and compliance obligations, eBay sometimes withholds funds, for example: I sell at a loss and everything I bought and sold at a low price to make room for other things. So I don`t make any money at all in my personal account, I get maybe 30% of what I paid, and I pay all the shipping costs, so it`s not even necessary and is nothing more than a scam from eBay and the IRS. I usually ship as usual and no later than the next day, and now I can just keep the item until the money is free if eBay spoils me like this after 22 years as a top-notch power seller and 15 years in my personal account. “This needs to be documented so that everyone knows that their payments for their next 25 items sold will now be put on hold until delivery is complete, regardless of how many sales they have had in the past. Did you know that if you`re a low-volume seller on eBay, the company can keep your funds before handing them over to you, even if you`re a long-time seller in the market? (In this case, volume refers to the number of items sold by a seller, not the volume in dollars.) After all the information you`ve already given ebay, what`s so special about a copy of your driver`s license? Save yourself a lot of fear and just give the driver`s license to ebay. It can`t do anything wrong at this point. What information would eBay sell? eBay has, in one way or another, called this data mining necessary for improving and growing the design of the platform. Is it fair for them to take your money for fees and assets and then inform you of a lockout? Shouldn`t they advise you to verify your account before you can sell your item? I love the way people here defend ebay`s draconian practices. If you sell an item and the customer pays, the money belongs to you, not yours. Do you understand? If the seller doesn`t ship the item, it`s a matter of police, not a matter of ebay. Ebay is not a totalitarian bank that decides whether or not to grant access to your money.

But in these times, I think everything works NWO. 3) Perhaps also the worst of all the features that are not available: You can NOT pay with your Payment Manager balance to other eBay users!!! Of course, PayPal allowed you to do that. For those who state that eBay is required by the federal government to contact them. That is not what I am saying. However, the federal government does not dictate how eBay handles the receipt of this information, or what it can do with this data itself as a private company. eBay should ask users for this information when they sign up for a seller account, not when they hold money you`ve already earned. There are several reasons why eBay may hold your money. It is important that each seller receives the money as soon as possible after the sale of an item. However, there may be times when eBay may need to withhold your funds based on your sales history or performance, or resolve disputes. This allows eBay to remain a safe marketplace for buyers and sellers. For example, if a buyer reports that an item has not arrived or that the item they received differs significantly from the listing description, eBay will hold the funds until the case is resolved and closed.

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