Ca Legal Grip Wrap

If you simply change the handle and nothing else, a Kydex fin/envelope would keep it unusable. Any overzealous and ignorant policeman will always do what he wants. If you follow the law, you won`t get a magic force field against stupid cops. Please use the order request form or email me at if your handle type is not listed. But I was interested in replacing the handle with a normal pistol grip. I thought installing a Kydex handle on the new handle would make the rifle compliant in California. I am concerned that an officer will consider this an “offensive weapon” if he discovers that the handle of the fin is not a permanent modification. All Fingrip envelopes are made to order for your specific rifle handle and bearing configuration. I respond to emails within 24 hours and support all my work.

I will strive to win your business and hopefully gain a regular customer in this process Soon after, gun manufacturers simply started selling Californian firearms, which were very similar to those on the prohibited firearms list. They were usually legal to sell in the state. The difference? These firearms had new names. Optional colors/prints ($3 – an additional $10 per handle) In 1999, lawmakers targeted imitated guns and extended the ban not only to named firearms, but also to categories of semi-automatic firearms that combined certain “features” such as pistol grips for both hands. A California Supreme Court decision allowed the ban to be extended to take effect next year. But here too, those who already possessed them were allowed to register and retain the target weapons. Essentially, it will be a normal ak that you can buy in any other condition except with a removable Kydex gripping film. My LGS sells them with the packaging, so I`ll go ahead and say yes EDIT: This is not legal advice Make sure there are no other features on your rifle that the CA DOJ classifies as “evil features,” such as a folding or telescopic shaft, a winter flash, a front pistol grip. Thumb hole stick or grenade launcher/torches There were already a large number of offensive weapons in the state before the ban. Californians who already owned weapons classified as assault weapons in 1989 — and in the years following the evolution of the legislation — were able to register their firearms with the California Department of Justice and keep them legally. Today, more than 185,000 offensive weapons are registered with the state, according to Judge Benitez`s June decision, which cites state data.

If the Supreme Court decides to pass the state`s ban on offensive weapons, for many, it will be more than just if some Californians can legally buy an AR-15 rifle with a removable magazine and pistol grip. This could set a precedent for the future of gun control, both in the state and across the country. I would say, yes, you prevent your thumb from wrapping around the handle. I just bought a Kydex wrap myself, with a Bakelite handle. The windings of my Kydex handle do not allow for a “pistol grip where the trigger hand net (between thumb and index finger) can be placed under the top of the exposed part of the trigger when pulled,” so your pistol grip is no longer considered an evil feature by definition. Denial. I am not an advocate for firearms and I do not know what other features you have on your rifle. Please read the law yourself and consult a lawyer if you have any questions about the legality of using this handle wrapped on your rifle before installation. -Please read California law for yourself. These handles are not doj approved, but should not allow according to my interpretation and many other companies that make similar products for a pistol-type grip of pistol grip with most rifle trees, please seek your own legal opinion on the legality of this handle on your specific rifle. There with thousands of trees and rifle configurations. This handling may not be legal for everyone.

Please seek a legal advisory board again before installing it. Make sure your rifle is not banned. -Important: If you have a removable magazine (even a bullet button), you can only legally use these packages if you do not have other “evil characteristics” under section 12276.1 of the Criminal Code, which are as follows: (a) pistol grip that protrudes prominently under the action of the weapon, (b) thumb hole shaft, (c) folding or telescopic shaft, (d) grenade launcher or torch launcher, (e) lightning arrester and (f) front pistol grip This envelope must be “A” cancel above if you have no other of the evil qualities mentioned Legal Notice: It is THE SOLE responsibility of the BUYER to verify the legality of this fingering film in its jurisdiction. By purchasing this item, Buyer agrees that in no event shall Seller be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special property or life damages arising out of or in connection with the use or misuse of our products. Seller is not responsible for attorneys` fees or legal issues related to law enforcement. 
 Seller makes no claims, representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of the handle fin film sold. The product is sold “as is” and must be inspected prior to purchase and upon receipt.