Blackstone School of Law Ranking in Pakistan

This article from the Pakistani school is a heel. You can help Wikipedia by extending it. The prestigious LL.B. (Hons) programme at the University of London is fully recognised by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC). It is also acceptable in high-ranking universities around the world. The law in every society determines the nature and way it lives. These principles help society in business, allow the government to settle and resolve disputes. The law is the important factor, because it gives society the impression that justice will be done and that no one is above the law. On the other hand, if you are in Pakistan and wanted to know the best law schools in Pakistan.

Here is the list of the best law schools in Pakistan, which are Pakistan College of Law, University of South Asia Faculty of Law, University of Law Post Graduate College of Law and Qauid-e Azam Law College. The Blackstone School of Law is a recognised teaching centre of the University of London. This is one of the highest ranks an educational institute can have. To check the recognition of the Blackstone School of Law, please visit the University of London website: LLB (Hons) from the University of London is a qualifying law degree, which means that our graduates have the direct right to complete the professional phase to become a lawyer at the Bar of England and Wales. After the LLB from the University of London (Hons), our students take a 9-month Professional Bar Education (BPTC) course at one of the UK`s leading universities or take a 9-month bar transfer course at Blackstone School of Law (Lahore campus or online). After passing their exams, they are entitled to the title of “lawyer”. Please note: The local 5-year Pakistani LLB is NOT a qualifying law degree. Graduates of the local Pakistani LLB are not eligible to take the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) in the UK to become lawyers. While the University of London LLB (Hons) directly gives applicants the right to complete BPTC to become a lawyer.

The Blackstone School of Law & Business is proud of its dynamic student body. We have an inspiring pool of future lawyers, judges, human rights lawyers, politicians, journalists and bureaucrats. Students have a flexible space and an individual plan so they can develop their character and cultivate compassion. They are encouraged to step out of their privilege and anchor themselves in the real world and work on social issues directly related to the field of law and politics. Our students currently run a street school, work in media houses, help in law firms, write strategy papers and publish books on cutting-edge areas of law such as alternative dispute resolution, tort law and crime litigation. These are the best law universities in Pakistan for LLB and LLM. You can get admission to these law schools in Pakistan after passing the GAT Law test. An approved list of law schools associated with BZU can also be found here, you can click on the link to see the list. Dear Sir or Madam, If you simply register for the LAT, you have the right to be admitted to the LLB on a regular basis. Private LLB is now banned. Programs offered: B.A. LL.B Shariah & Law (6 years old) | LL.B (5 years) | LL.M Company Law (2 years)| LL.M International Trade Law (2 years)| LL.M International Law (2 years) | LL.M.

General (2 years) | LL.M. Human Rights Law (2 years) | MS Human Rights (2 years) | MS/LL.M Islamic Business Law (2 years) | MS/LL.M. Muslim Family Law (2 years) | Dr. med. Sharia: Islamic Law and Jurisprudence (3 years) Web address to contact: Sir, I have removed my LAT and my 67 grades at college and at the age of 32, which university will give me admission at the age of 32 Fee structure: Ll.B degree fee fee is also available on their website We are the only institution in Pakistan, which offers higher education via Google Classroom. We transformed the classroom and put the student at the center of their learning to improve their critical thinking skills. The role of the faculty is to inspire students through multi-level questions. We broke the spell of passive learning by asking students to do research every day. Our classrooms also use the traditional wisdom of education by involving small Socratic groups.

Imagine studying in ancient Athens with a dynamic teacher who has access to the world`s largest library. At Blackstone, students learn the essential skills required in the legal field through the Legal Clinic. Students have access to concrete cases. As part of their fieldwork, they must complete 4 mini-student unions with leading lawyers and lawyers in Pakistan. Students design, research, conduct interviews with clients, and travel to the lower and upper court to file cases. Students also learn to network during their academic year through a series of events where they meet leading lawyers in the UK and Pakistan. The following universities are eligible to award law degrees in Pakistan:[7] Law universities in Pakistan are the main institutions that offer the LLB degree program. These universities also have affiliated colleges. As we know, law is a dynamic field that evolves at every moment. We offer robust experiential learning where students participate in the legal clinic to work on real cases with real clients. With a high passport and employment rate, most of our alumni have started a successful career. Many of these achievements are due to the fact that we have one of the best faculties in the city.

If you want to ask which university is best suited to law or if I can do law privately, then these universities are the No. 1 in Pakistan. Fee structure: Fees based on service and self-financing are here. Currently, Quaid-i-Azam University has four faculties and nine other teaching and research institutes, a center and schools. Briefly included; Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Medicine (hereinafter), Regional Studies Centre for Africa, North and South America, Centre of Excellence in Gender Studies, National Institute of Pakistani Studies, National Institute of Psychology, National Institute for Historical and Cultural Research, National Institute of Asian Civilizations and Computer Centre. The Blackstone School of Law & Business is proud to have successfully prepared lawyers in Pakistan. Our Bar Transfer Course is a 9-month programme in which lawyers and law graduates take preparatory courses at Blackstone and sit for their exams in the UK to become lawyers. One of the hallmarks of our bar transfer course is our excellent faculty, all of whom are lawyers themselves.

Blackstone School of Law is known for training future lawyers in a 21st century learning style. Our classrooms are technology-driven and collaborative. With the mission to change the landscape of legal education in Pakistan, we have not only made a name for ourselves in Lahore, but we have also attracted students from all over the country. There is no law school affiliated with the International Islamic University. Programs offered: BA / LL.B (5 years) | LL.M (2 years) | Dr. med. in law and human rights (1 year) | Diploma in tax law (1 year) | Diploma in Labour Law (1 year) | Diploma in Intellectual Property Law (1 year) | Diploma in Environmental Law (1 year) | Diploma in International Trade Law (1 year) | Diploma in Banking Law (1 year) | Degree in Corporate Law (1 year) It is a good university. They should be allowed to do so.