Bishan Legal Clinic

The Immigrant Justice Project provides direct legal representation to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and family abuse in humanitarian immigration applications. The project also provides legal advice and short-term services to IMMIGRANT residents of DC on a range of immigration-related issues. There are pro bono lawyers and legal advisors who provide legal advice at selected community clubs. Look for legal advice at community clubs near you. Llame la clínica legal de Brot für die Stadt al 202-386-7616 de lunes a viernes. The Community Lawyering Project uses legal advocacy and organization to find solutions to issues identified by the community in a way that develops local leadership and institutions that can continue to exercise the power to bring about systemic change, including representing tenant groups in maintaining affordable and safe housing in the district. The clinic is located at 24 Blk 279 Bishan Street, across from Bishan North Mall. The DC Bar Pro Bono Center Saturday Advice and Referral Clinic is currently closed for his personal clinic in Bread for the City. Click below for more details on the nearest remote clinic.

With bread for the help of the city can individuals . • Receive same-day counselling and representation in court at critical stages of child support cases, • Obtain legal advice while escaping domestic violence, • Receive same-day counselling and representation in the event of eviction or loss of housing assistance, • Overcome barriers to obtaining government-issued identification, and • Organize, find legal solutions to bring about systemic changes to the problems identified by the community. The Domestic Violence Community Legal Services Project establishes an office in domestic violence shelters in the North West and Southeast once a week and provides necessary legal services to victims of domestic violence. FAMILY/IMMIGRATION LAW: Assist survivors of domestic violence in civil protection regulations, family law matters (such as custody and divorce), and immigration cases (such as VAWA self-petitions, U.S. visas, and SIJS), as well as assist custodial and non-custodial parents in child support cases. We would like to thank Elise N. Paeffgen for her volunteer work at our legal clinic. Paeffgen has spent countless hours supporting our clients whose long-term care benefits have been reduced as part of D.C. Medicaid. We are proud of our partnership with Alston & Bird, LLC, and thank them for their faith in our mission. La Clínica de Asesoramiento del DC Bar Pro Bono Center está actualmente cerrada para su clínica en persona en Bread for the City.

Haga clic a continuación para obtener detalles sobre la próxima clínica remota. HOUSING LAW: Tenant support in cases of owner-tenant and subsidized housing. We celebrate Elise N. Paeffgen, Bread for the City Legal Services Volunteer Remote A&R Clinic Flyer | Remote A&R Clinic Flier [en español] | Remote A&R Clinic Flyer [በአማርኛ] | Remote A&R Clinic Flier [用中文(表达] Bread for the City`s Legal Clinic provides advice and representation in three main areas for low-income residents of DC: 城市面包(Bread for the City)公益组织的法律诊所 仍然可以通过电话联系。 请于周一至周五拨打电话: 202-386-7616。 Check out our latest ID kit here for tips on: The Access to Identification Project helps residents who face barriers to obtaining A DMV-issued ID that is needed to track critical opportunities such as employment and housing. The Child Support Community Legal Services Project, in partnership with the Legal Aid Society of DC (Legal Aid), provides same-day advice and representation to parents at a critical stage of their support cases. Our lawyers often meet these new clients in court for the first time. Learn more about how the equity gap affects the low-income community. The Court-Initiated Legal Services Project, in partnership with Legal Aid, provides same-day advice and representation to tenants at risk of eviction from their homes in a part of the court where 90-95% of landlords are represented by a lawyer and only 5-10% of tenants have a lawyer by their side.

Additional resources for free legal aid: DC Bar Advice & Referral Clinic and Washington Lawyers` Committee Workers` Rights Clinic PUBLIC BENEFITS LAW: Supporting people who are struggling to receive or maintain public services such as TANF, food stamps and Medicaid. How was your visit to Legal Services? Use our customer feedback form to share your thoughts. The Right to a Lawyer Housing Project, in partnership with the Legal Advisor for the Elderly and Legal Aid, expands access to representation for tenants at risk of eviction and losing an invaluable housing allowance that is the only way to afford to live in the district. የዲሲ ባር ፕሮ ቦኖ ማእከል የቅዳሜ ምክር እና የሪፈራል ክሊኒክ በብሬድ ፎር ዘ በሲ ቲ ባለው የበአካል ክሊኒኩ ላይ አሁን ዝግ ነው። ከስር በመጫን ስለቀጣዩ የጫን ስለቀጣዩ የጫን ስለቀጣየየጫን ስለቀጣየየጫን ስለየሱየጫንቀጣየየጫን ሠሱለየጫን ስለየጫሪስት ክሊኒክ ዝርዝሮች ያግኙ። የብሬድ ፎር ዘ ሲቲስ ሊጋል ክሊኒክ (Bread for the city`s legal clinic) በስልክ ክ ፍት ሆኖ ይቆያል። ከሰኞ እስከ ዓርብ በስልክ ቁጥር 202-386-7616 ቢደውሉ ያገኙናል።.